Ted Outerbridge has redesigned the classic Disembodied Princess illusion as a turn of the century Alarm Clock. This illusion was originally designed by P.T. Selbit and debuted in 1925. Since then it has been called many different names including Mystery of Princess Karnac and Girl without a Middle. It has been performed by many legendary performers including Howard Thurston, Dante, Lance Burton and David Copperfield.

The Outerbridge Magic Alarm Clock is made almost entirely from aluminum with brass accents. It is made to order and can be modified to suit the size of the performer. A person enters the Alarm Clock and the clock face and cover are closed. When the clock face and cover are opened the person’s head and legs are visible but their torso has vanished. The back door is opened and the audience can see all the way through the Alarm Clock. When the process is reversed the person exits the Alarm Clock unscathed!

Alarm Clock illusion
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An item that can only be discussed privately in order to avoid exposing the method. Please contact us to discuss this prior to ordering.


This illusion is built to order, usually in 2-4 weeks. Production time will vary depending on our workload so please contact us to confirm that we can make your deadline.

$8,000.00 US + shipping
(DEPOSIT: $3,500.00 US + shipping /BALANCE: $4,500.00 US payable prior to shipping)

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An ATA road case is available for an additional $900.00 US.