Time of Day has sold out but we look forward to introducing a new version in the Summer of 2017. The ultimate magic trick for television and radio appearances will blow people’s minds anytime, anywhere! Resets in seconds. We have taken what many have called “the best card trick in the world” and reimagined it so you can predict the Time of Day.

A prediction, wrapped in jute cloth and tied with twine, is placed in the hands of a random spectator. The spectator names a time of day out loud such as “5:45”. When the jute is unwrapped, a blank faced deck of cards with specific times of day written on them is revealed. One card is upside down and it is the time of day they named!

To avoid a mass-produced look, the decks are hand-made using Blank Face Bicycle Rider Back cards.

“You fooled me bad. It’s a hell of a good trick!”

“Undeniably, one of the best effects as far as Radio Predictions go! This will get you booked!”

I have been using this now for over a year both at magic conventions and at every walk-about gig I do. I review thousands of tricks and very few actually end up in my day to day show – TIME OF DAY is one that has made it.

You receive a hand-made deck of cards – I can’t believe each deck is custom made but it really does make a difference in look and feel. The method is based on an old principle however it has fooled some knowledgeable magicians because of the routine and premise. Ted has done a great job producing this and it comes with Jute cloth wrapped in twine. A very nice old fashioned look. You also receive a set of instructions that fully explain the workings.

The basic effect is that a spectator can name any time of day such as 12:15 and you take the deck showing every card has a different time on it except one, which is reversed. The reversed card is 12:15. The idea of using time is perfect for my presentation as it is the theme of my act. Most of my effects are based around going back and forward in time etc. so this is the perfect routine for me.

The great thing about this is that it is self-working and instant reset making it ideal for walk-about. The other nice thing is that it’s not a card trick. This is definitely one trick that goes with me everywhere – it’s easy for the audience to follow and very direct. Nothing to setup as all the work is done for you. I have had my deck for over a year now and just re-ordered another so they last a long time. Considering each one is handmade I think this is a bargain.

If you watch the promo on the website you will see a live performance of Ted performing this on radio. This is the PERFECT routine for radio performances as well.



Jute cloth wrapper & twine tie
The Time of Day deck of cards

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