“Without a doubt the BEST THREAD I’ve used for Gypsy Thread. So easy to break and the visibility is INCREDIBLE. The gimmick supplied makes this SO EASY so the thread will NEVER tangle.

“Everything about UV Gypsy String is right. This is simply the best Gypsy Thread material I have ever encountered. There is no equal on the market today.”

“The instructions are very good… great visibility and breakability… this is the string to use if you are playing a large theater.”

“I have been doing the Gypsy thread for 50 years. I have tried all types of thread, string, yarn to do this effect. Ted Outerbridge has hands down, the BEST string I have ever used. It is thicker than thread but not as thick as string. It has just enough stiffness to make it manageable and because of this trait, it NEVER tangles. It is now my only choice for this effect. I will never use any other.”

“Thanks for reintroducing me to Gypsy Thread with a good solid workers version. Cannot recommend it enough folks”

“Excellent thread… and an ingenious winding device that I’m liking better than what I have been using for the past dozen years or so.”

“I must say that this is the best thread I have used, super bright, looks so strong, but yet easy to break.”

“Ted’s Thread is the best!”

If you perform the Gypsy Thread or Hindu Thread you will love our easy-to-break UV Gypsy String. It is the same recipe as the Camirand Glow Thread but with thick, easy-to-break string (no bleeding fingers!). It is super-saturated with ultraviolet-sensitive pigments so it appears very bright under ordinary light and it glows brilliantly under black light. It is so visible it can be seen from the back of a 1,000-seat theatre!

Also included is our fail-safe, no-tangle Gypsy String Winder gimmick for pre-setting the string. The UV Gypsy String is ideal for any Gypsy Thread performance, close-up or on stage. We are very grateful to Guy Camirand for his support with this project.

Question: Is the UV Gypsy String really easy to break?
Answer: YES. If you can break 100% cotton quilting thread you can break our UV Gypsy String.

Question: Do I need a UV black light for this to work?
Answer: No, we have found that even an ordinary follow spot makes the UV Gypsy String visible in a large theatre.

Question: Will the UV Gypsy String stop glowing after a few months?
Answer: The UV Gypsy String will glow for years if you store it in a dark place. Do not store it in direct sunlight.

Question: What is The Gyspy Thread trick?
Answer: The Gypsy Thread, also known as the Hindu Thread, is a classic of magic and it has been performed by legendary magicians such as Eugene Burger, Peter Samelson, Hans Klok, Slydini, Doug Henning and David Blaine. The plot is simple but can be very powerful. A length of thread is removed from a spool. The thread is broken into numerous short pieces. One of the pieces is separated, and the rest are rolled into a bundle. The bundle of pieces is placed onto the center of the single thread, where it clings in place. The two ends of the thread are pulled and the bundle unravels, revealing the thread to be completely restored into one piece.

Question: Who invented The Gypsy Thread?
Answer: Written explanations of The Gypsy Thread or Hindu Thread can be found in several books published in the 1500s including Reginald Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft (“To burne a thred, and to make it whole againe with the ashes thereof”) published in 1584. It has been around for a while!


  • 2 wooden spools of UV Gypsy String. 2 x 50 yards=100 yards. Good for 50 performances.
  • Outerbridge UV Gypsy String Winder gimmick
  • Instructions


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