A spectator chooses a playing card which is then shuffled back into the deck. A water pistol is filled with grape juice. The spectator is given protective clothing such as a poncho and windshield-wiper eyeglasses, and is instructed to hold the deck of cards high in the air. After much humorous byplay, the water pistol is sprayed at the cards and the selected card is removed from the deck splattered with grape juice!

Purple Card comes from the repertoire of Ted Outerbridge. It was first developed in 1990 and it has been refined over 25 years of performances in venues ranging from theatres, cruise ships, casinos and national television, to comedy clubs, schools and birthday parties. This hilarious, audience-tested routine runs six or more minutes and is suitable for adults or children. The water pistol eliminates the violence issue associated with Bullet Through Card routines, and the grape juice allows for some great situation comedy. You can watch a vintage video of Ted performing Purple Card in French here.

“I used your Purple Card today and the kids went crazy over it. It was a blast and added to the show. Thanks!”

“What a great routine that will play just as well for adults as it will for children. There aren’t too many effects like this that cover a wide range of audience ages. This can be done surrounded, in cabaret, on ships, at birthday parties etc. You receive a special card that will be your final card covered in juice as well as the special deck that makes this so easy to do plus a set of instructions with Ted’s script. If you go online you can also find a performance of Ted doing this in the 90s on a television show – it’s in French but shows how great of a routine this is.

This is definitely one of those effects that packs small and plays VERY big. You can perform this in small venue such as a home or in a large 1500 seat theatre on a cruise ship.

The jumbo deck of cards is bicycle so the quality is very high and the special card supplied has been made to be visible from a large distance covered in what looks like grape juice.

The reason I like this routine is because it has a lot of by-play in it and you can take it further by adding some extra funny dress up pieces such as windshield glasses, etc. Of course nobody will get sprayed with grape juice but they certainly think they will. The buildup is great and the final climax will have everybody amazed.

This routine ticks all the boxes for a highly entertaining routine with comedy and a strong climax at the end. I know recently Ted appeared at several magic conventions and performed this and sold out straight away afterwards. I think we’ll see this routine become a staple in many acts around the globe. Again, like all of Ted’s work each unit is hand made so you are getting a custom prop that he has honed after years of performing.



Bicycle “Big Box” Rough and Smooth forcing deck, size 4.5″ x 7″
Specially prepared Purple Card
Complete detailed routine with built-in laughs refined for over 25 years

Water pistol
Milk pitcher

Protective clothing such as a poncho and windshield wiper eyeglasses

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