We are now creating custom Steamer Trunks designed and built to your specifications. By combining ATA road case technology with the original techniques used to build these trunks 100 years ago, we create solid, durable trunks with a very authentic vintage look. Brass hardware, brass rivets hammered by hand, buckskin leather trim, and canvas-covered panels make these trunks unique.

We just created this one-of-a-kind customized steamer trunk in collaboration with Sheldon Casavant. It is the size of a standard large suitcase and it has recessed casters and a recessed extension handle so it is practical for flying.


LIGHTWEIGHT STEAMER TRUNK – Our lightweight trunks are made with ⅛” Luan/ABS panels, PVC and aluminum extrusion covered in leather, and aluminum drawers. For example, the custom trunk shown here weighs 31 lbs with the lightweight specifications.

HEAVY-DUTY ATA ROAD CASE CONSTRUCTION – Our heavy-duty construction uses ¼” Baltic birch plywood panels, aluminum extrusion covered in leather, and ½” Baltic birch plywood drawers. For example, the custom trunk shown here weighs 49 lbs with the heavy-duty construction.

CASTERS – 2 recessed casters, 4 casters, or rubber feet are all possibilities.

CANVAS – You decide on the color of the canvas exterior and lining of your trunk. Options include unbleached cotton canvas soaked in tea for patina, dark brown canvas, and other colors.

HANDLES – Our handles are sewn from several pieces of laminated leather with a total thickness of over 1/4″. A recessed extension handle is also an option.

PRICE – Email your requirements and specs to ted@outerbridgemagic.com and we will quote a price. Each case is custom-designed and constructed by hand. The heavy-duty version of the custom trunk shown here was produced for $2000 U.S.

You travel the world, you’re away from home, perhaps away from your family, all you have to depend on is yourself and your luggage.

– from the movie Joe Versus the Volcano