This is “packs small, plays big” comedy mentalism at its finest! It has been a highlight of Outerbridge performances for the past 23 years. In 1992 Ted developed The Psychic is Right, a game show style presentation for the McCombical Deck by Billy McComb. The routine uses a large prediction card measuring 10 x 14 inches. Thanks to some fine props sold by our good friend George Schindler as Zycho, The Psychic is Right is now available for your show.

The magician shows the audience a large prediction card (10 x 14 inches) of the Queen of Hearts, which is unseen by a volunteer. It is placed in full view of the audience but with its back toward the audience. The performer then shows the audience the faces of an extra-large (3 x 4 inch) deck with all the cards being the Queen of Hearts (every card is the same as the prediction).  The volunteer, who has not seen the faces, is invited to choose a card at random.  The volunteer is invited to name their card out loud but they name the King of Clubs! Sure enough when the card is displayed to the audience it is the King of Clubs. The performer then reveals the large prediction card and it has changed to the King of Clubs!

This is a self-working routine that allows you to focus on your presentation. The laughs are built-in and they are strong! It works well for audiences of every kind and is very easy to do so you can really focus on the laughs.

“I’ve seen Ted kill with this routine. Add it to your act and you will too!”


“Awesome effect! A winner for any show.”




Outerbridge The Pychic is Right routine

George Schindlers Zycho which includes:

  • Large Prediction Card (10″ x 14″)

  • Stand for Large Prediction Card

  • Special Force Deck (3″ x 4″)

  • Instructions and patter by George Schindler


$125.00 US + shipping

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