Here is an excerpt from our latest Zelda the Psychic Chicken article in the August/September issue of VANISH – International Magic Magazine. It is a Free download.

“I first met Zelda in 1995. At the time I had already performed with doves, rabbits and a duck by the name of Elliot, and I was looking for a feathered friend who enjoyed traveling, was low-maintenance, and possessed some kind of psychic abilities. My previous experience with a duck who drank heavily and was very high-maintenance encouraged me to look at other types of birds. I had worked with doves for years, and to me a chicken was just a large dove. I held auditions at local chicken farms and when I met Zelda it was love at first sight. Her bubbly, flirtatious persona and striking buff-colored feathers were irresistible, and I offered her a contract on the spot. I also discovered that Zelda’s parents lived with Celine Dione, which explained Zelda’s charismatic flair for show business.”

Ted Outerbridge